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Volunteer Days

Regular Scheduled work days are the 2nd Saturday & 4th Sunday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon


July 2024:   Sat. 13th 9 am - noon 

                         Sun. 28rd 9 am to noon


Free Farmer's Market 2024: July. 23th at noon

Updates such as rain etc. will be made on Facebook if they are needed. To find us on Facebook search for Simi At The Garden.

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Welcome to

     Simi at the Garden!

Simi at the Garden is a place where valley residents can come together and work towards a more sustainable and healthier future. Our community garden is all organic and we provide a space for individuals and families to grow a wide array of healthy produce. We encourage and welcome those in our community to grow, learn, and celebrate in the benefits of organic gardening. 



“The Garden of Dreams project sows the seeds of healing, renewal, growth and brighter futures for all of the citizens and humanitarian initiatives within our community.”

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