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"Garden of Dreams"

  Community Service Initiative


In response to the growing needs of the community, and in collaboration with the City of Simi Valley, Simi at the Garden has launched an innovative multi-phase community service initiative which will maximize the civic, educational and supportive service benefits provided by the garden to all of the residents, supportive service providers and disadvantaged populations of Simi Valley, and our neighboring communities. 


This vital community project is called the "Garden of Dreams" Community Service Initiative.

By researching and integrating the “best-practices” of leading community gardens throughout the U.S., the Garden of Dreams project expands and cultivates the breadth of benefits and services the garden delivers to the entire community, by providing educational, therapeutic, work, job training, transitional employment and support services to youths, seniors, recovery, trauma and mental health populations, veterans, SVUSD, Behavioral Health, disabled and other disadvantaged community members, as well as the populations of so many other non-profit organizations. 


Vibrant education and engagement programs for adults, seniors, families, veterans, youths, the disabled and the entire community will blend formal, experiential and service-oriented learning and experiences.

Our veterans "healing farm" program,affectionately known as Ground Operations, will provide a healing, positive environment in which to rehabilitate veterans through "hands on" work experience and vocational training, while also helping to relieve the symptoms of trauma, depression and isolation often associated with combat related disability. Here our older veterans work side by side with our younger community to impart the principals of leadership, integrity, character and tenacity that will help mold responsible stewards of our community and our world, while supporting healing and renewal for all of our honored veterans and their families. 

Recovery, trauma, senior, physical and mental health populations will benefit from a "strengthened" community in a natural setting, a resource which studies consistently illustrate serve to break-down the profound sense of isolation experienced by so many people in need of supportive services, and maximize the opportunities for lasting recovery, healing and growth. 

The Garden of Dreams project will provide the framework for innovative and extensive evidence-based benefits to community members in recovery from substance abuse, victims and the families of domestic violence and other trauma experiences, students and the most recent STEM curricular & career education objectives of the Simi Valley Unified School District, adult and youth diversion populations, mentally and physically impaired, indigent and other under and unemployed populations, senior citizens, families, children, and many more.


Together, we work towards common goals that impact individuals and families of all types, as well as our school district and other local, county and State agencies and service providers. The Garden of Dreams project will sow the seeds of healing, renewal, growth and brighter futures for all of the citizens, students and humanitarian initiatives within our community.

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