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What is a Community Garden?

Simi at the Garden is an all organic community garden where everyone in the community can come together to connect with nature, learn, volunteer, interact, serve, heal and grow as individuals and as a community. It is also a place to raise fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs, and participate in the stewardship of healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.  

How Can You Get Involved?



Simi at the Garden has various sized gardening plots available for rent. Available plot sizes are:

10' x 20' Plot - $150/year

10' x 10' Plot -  $75/year

10'x 4' Plot - $55/year

One time Administration fee $20

We welcome new and first-time gardeners. We provide a detailed orientation, first-time gardener assistance, and lots of community support. We have several Master Gardeners among our community, and the spirit of the community garden is rooted in learning together, sharing together, and is always welcoming to first-time gardeners. After all, we all started the same way! Plots are available on a first-come first-served basis, and you can reserve your plot by emailing 

Plot fees will be collected at the time of plot assignment. 

Thank you. 



We welcome volunteer groups and individuals to the garden to help out at our monthly workdays and projects. If you or your group is interested in volunteering at the community gardens please Contact Us.




Large Scale Projects:

  • Garden # Signs

  • Build Garden Plots 10 x10 and 10 x 4

  • Rain Harvesting 

  • Greenhouse

  • Solar Project 

  • Universal Access Plots


The Simi Valley at the Garden could not exist without the kind and generous donations from our community. Your financial contribution, of any size, is always welcome and appreciated by the entire community which the garden serves. For your convenience, you can make a donation right here online. You may also send your donation by mail to the garden at 1636 Sinaloa Road Simi Valley, CA  93065, or feel free to contact us directly to arrange for other donation methods. 

Material donations are always appreciated at the community garden. With many vital projects planned, we are always in need of the materials and equipment critical to achieving our mission, and keeping the garden operating each day. If you or your employer has equipment such as commercial lightly used garden tools, solar or wind technologies, or new materials such as wood, masonry, hardware, PVC etc., please contact us using email to evaluate our project needs, or to arrange for your generous material or 

equipment donations.


Simi at the Garden is a registered non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, and your kind donations are tax deductible. Always consult with your financial advisor to ensure that any charitable deductions are applicable for your specific financial and tax situation.

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