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Fantastic Turn Out! 1/15/17 Work Party

Today was a wonderful day at the garden!

It has been rainy lately at the garden, and I know that the weather was a concern for our activities today. Thankfully, the garden had dried out to a manageable state so that people weren't slipping and sliding everywhere.

As a wonderful group, we managed to get so much done! Two more wheelbarrow wheels were replaced. Now we have four wheelbarrows with "no flat" wheels that we can use to transport important things like wood chips. We also were able to build six berms that will enable our Sharity Garden to have so much space for planting and harvesting produce for our friends at the Samaritan Center. We also had help in pulling weeds in the Sharity Garden which will make working there so much easier. Joe, the man with a plan, who is in charge of the Sharity Garden operations, was so encouraged by our work that we may be dedicating some of our work party time on the 28th (our first ever event on a Saturday!) to planting! Weed whackers were repaired as some primer buttons were not functioning. We also were very pleased to see that our worms have been enjoying the weather lately as they were looking plump and happy when we went to feed them fruit and veggie kitchen scraps.

It's going to be an amazing year for Simi at the Garden in 2017!

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