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2017 Annual Simi Valley Garden Tour

We paused ever-so-briefly from our ongoing "Garden of Dreams" projects to welcome over 500 visitors to the Community Garden, as part of the 18th annual Simi Valley Garden Tour, who made our Garden their 6th and final stop of the tour, and the home base for their annual plant sales! And what an amazing day it was!

Our gardeners enjoyed walking around the garden with all of the attendees on the tour - many of whom had never seen the garden before! We were out early in the day decorating and finishing preparations before the tour started, and we stayed open through the day to make sure that everyone who wanted to see the garden could come and enjoy it!

If you would like your own tour of the garden, please feel free to contact us at! We would be more than happy to arrange for a time for you to see our gorgeous garden!

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