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Spring is here! We're so excited, we wet our plants!!

And just like that, the relentless rainstorms of winter came to an abrupt end, and the spring Gardening seaon has begun! Bye bye winter blues!

Activity at the Garden has escalated exponentially! Besides the harvesting of winter crops, cleanups of beds in preparation for spring planting, amazing work-party turnouts, a fantastic first BBQ/Potluck of 2017, first spring plantings in the Sharity Garden, and the welcoming of so many new gardeners and groups to the community, our Garden of Dreams projects have kicked into overdrive!

Many of you have noticed the equipment and projects underway at the Garden, and this is just the beginning! New structures for the community use area have been delivered, and a new front shed for equipment and supply storage is on it's way. The new compost/woodchip/manure structure is in it's final design phase, and major work is about to get underway to clear and refurbish the front bed plots. Our worms will soon be treated to a shade system to keep them healthy and happy producing amazing vermicompost for the community, and so much more we can't possibly list it all in one Blog post!

For those of you growing from seeds this season, it is definitely time to get those starts going indoors if you are so inclined, or to start prepping to direct sow your seeds in-bed.

We'll post some March/Spring garden tips separately, but couldn't resist exclaiming that....

Spring has Sprung!!

See you at the garden!

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